yea, right – as if you needed the proof. 

well, if ther was any lingering doubt, this should change your mind.  when i was watching atonement yesterday i was reminded of something that happened a few years ago. 

it was the new years holiday and ray and jeremy were up from chicago.  it was their last night in town so we vegged and saw a movie (me and a movie, your shocked right?!) – ‘house of flying daggers’.

if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know the scene i’m talkin’ about here – the one in the bamboo forest, an ocean of green. 


apparently the moment that the luminous ziyi zhang made her entrance in that green forest, i audibly sighed.  to which ray (or was it jeremy?) laughed and whispered “fag” in my general direction. 

in my defense, it was just so bloody beautiful.  scenes like this are why movies exist in the first place.

well, when watching atonement, there is a moment where keira is wearing the most incredible green dress.


oh my god beautiful.  i’m pretty sure i audibly gasped here as well.  this dress would look incredible on a (hair show) runway.

so either i’m the biggest fag in the world, or i just have a really big thing for green. 


or maybe both. 🙂