oohhh… you find the best stuff when your sleep deprived.  in my best oprah fashion, here are a few of my favorite things.  however, none of you are getting cars.  just deal.

the gutter twins myspace page.


yup, it’s like herpes, but you can’t argue with the power of myspace when it comes to new music.  my boy greg (and his boy mark) are finally ready to drop ‘saturnalia‘ – their debut as the gutter twins and as such they have two spankin’ new killer tracks on their myspace…. ‘the station’ (featuring my current favorite lyric: “i hear the rapture’s coming, they say he’ll be here soon, right now there’s demons crawling all over my room”) and ‘idle hands’ which is also available for download (thanks boy’s).


i’m completely addicted to the website ‘overheard in minneapolis’ – i check it like a hundred times a day.  it’s pure brilliance.  i’ve already posted one or two things and will continue to do so to prove the stupidity of people around me 🙂

a. i love eddie izzard

b. i love star wars

c. i love lego’s

put them together and you get one very happy kyle: