been in the middle of an event this week; hence the dirth of posts (coupled with the lil’ fact that i haven’t slept in 4 days – serious! so my mind is not working very well)…

anyway the other day at work madonna’s ‘everybody’ came on the xfm satellite radio we were using to provide music for the event & one-by-one everyone at the table i was sitting at began to slowly groove to tune.  head’s bobbing, fingers tapping – it was surreal, but oh so cool. 

what amazed me was how fresh the song still sounds today – 25 years later.  some of this sort of production can still be heard on the radio; justin, britney – pop & hip hop in general – all of them are using beats and production similar to this song & owe a debt to the tune…. these sounds are standing up to the test of time.

killer tune!