continuing from my favorite music post from a couple days ago – here’s my best of list for movies (for the record, i make very little distinction between best and favorite….):


  • no country for old men.  this was simply put, an amazing film from our mn local boys the coen brothers.  a movie with more silence than dialog, josh brolin, tommy lee jones and (a terrifying) javier bardem were amazing….  brilliant
  • juno.  another local from me, diablo cody’s witty charming script allowed ellen page’s juno to leap of the screen – my favorite performance of 2007.  superb supporting performances from allison janney, jk simmons, jason batemen, jennifer garner and the excellent michael cera.  
  • lars and the real girl.  i can’t believe owen gleiberman from entertainment weekly put this on his worst list.  for me, this film touched me more than any other film this year.  i had a smile on my face the entire time.  ryan gosling’s performance was beautiful.
  • the bourne ultimatum & live free or die hard.  action flicks with real story development?  shocking.  both films kept me on the edge of my seat.
  • grindhouse.  pulp fiction never tasted so good.  so over the top – but bloody (pun intended) good fun.  gripping at times (hello captain’s mast), deliciously tacky at times (hello cherry!).  meta-trash never looked so good
  • american gangster.  i’ve talked about this one before – it’s all about the acting for me.  russell & denzel chewing the scenery.  mmm, more please.
  • stardust.  mmmm stardust.  lovely little film.  enjoyed tremendously.  anyone who didn’t love – is wrong! yes, i’m talkin’ to cb here! <g>
  • control.  again – i’ve already talked about this one, but the film is quite wonderful.  an exercise in restraint.  the performances are excellent.
  • 3:10 to yuma.  this film got lost in the shuffle this fall – which is a tremendous shame.  excellent casting and brava performances  (2007 was really the year of the ensemble).  a brilliant western that was claustrophobic and taunt as all hell.

other films i dug:

  • transformers – fun.
  • simpsons movie – everything it needed to be.
  • the darjeeling limited – beautiful.
  • ocean’s thirteen – a return to form.
  • hot fuzz – wickedly fun.
  • across the universe – visually stunning, great music.

biggest disappointments:

  • harry potter & the order of the phoenix.  my favorite of the books (thus far) – yet the director cut so much (it became the shortest hp film of the bunch, and it was the longest book) it just felt like a shell of it’s former self.  sure there were some great sequences (the climatic fights for one), but it’s just not as vivid as the book.
  • the golden compass.  just not that strong.  visually striking – but felt so haphazzzrd and slapped together.  i hope the book is better.
  • 300.  yes, homo’s – i’m committing a blasphemy here.  the movie is exceedingly amazing in it’s visual splendor (and yea, the guys are hot) – i just didn’t care for the characters and the narrative story was weak.  i guess it’s just better as porn with the volume turned down. 
  • knocked up.  i.just.didn’t.laugh.  expected much more.
  • evan almightly.  great premise.  awesome cast.  horrible preachy result.  blech.
  • the 11th hour.  leo, we need hope at least.

films i haven’t seen yet (but really need to):

  • once
  • there will be blood
  • i’m not there
  • persepolis
  • atonment
  • michael clayton
  • charlie wilson’s war

2008; expectations – excited to see:

  • harry potter & the half blood prince
  • the chronicles of narnia, prince caspian
  • indiana jones & the kingdom of the crystal skull
  • the dark knight
  • bond 22
  • new star trek
  • speed racer
  • sex & the city; the movie
  • wall-e