ok, maybe not genius… but certainly, i kicked some musical ass tonight! 

very spur-of-the-moment, i popped over to my friends amy’s house tonight to watch a dvd with her and her girlfriend – now, amy is a musician/song-writer (and own’s a great little studio to boot) – and she’s been trying for eon’s to get me in the studio to record some stuff with her.

it’s been about a billion years since i’ve actively been behind a recording desk and as such, i’ve been a bit cautious to jump back in the recording game (especially with amy, she’s hella-talented).  so before the dvd, amy and i popped down to the studio to listen to a killer new track from peter gabriel (words don’t come close to describing how much i love this new song) – anywho, amy wanted my opinion on a track she wrote and in the process, about 3 hour’s went by and all of a sudden she’s insisting i take producer credit for her new track ‘beg crawl bleed’. 

how f’ing cool eh’?  it was so awesome working on new music tonight. 

looks like i might be spending more time in her studio working on some of her other tracks in the coming months.

very happy me.


(this is part of amy’s studio; studio 8)

hmmm, we never did get around to that movie… lol