cause i know you’ve been waiting for baited breath to find out about my favorite music from 2007, i won’t keep you waiting.   i will give you a surprise or two (such as, no britney on this list – she’s fun, but she ain’t great) i hope.  coming up with a fav’s list for ’07 proved to be a bit of a challenge – not a ton of great music released this year (and a lot of what was released that i loved turned out to be covers of older tunes… sigh)…. here goes:

siouxsie – mantaray (album)

no surprise here i think, the woman is fuckin’ awesome and this record was woefully overlooked in the states.  i rather like how the village voice put it: “…mantaray, siouxsie’s blazing solo debut earns (those) accolades with no trace of fatigue, padding, or confusion, as on-it and of-the-moment as justin timberlake…”   the record itself is urgent and hard and sharp all at once.  equal parts pop/punk/rock and big band.  here’s to siouxsie’s solo career!  cheers.

mark ronson – version (album)

again, no real surprise (if you spent anytime reading this blog this fall) – but just the same, i’m still in love with this album.  it’s consistantly blasting from my car’s cd deck (which you could hear if it weren’t winter and i had the windows down).  mark deftly makes modern songs such as ‘toxic’ (britney), ‘the only one i know’, and ‘stop me’ sound vintage and warm and old school.   retro never sounded so fresh.  and this is a great disk to spin at a party.

robbie williams – lovelight (song)

while the track is from this year’s (us) ‘rudebox’ release (not his best – but there are a couple of really choice cuts from it) – “lovelight”is cover of the lewis taylor track from 2004.  robbie & co., turn this slick r&b number into a funky disco classic circa 1978 bee-jees.  sweet.

damien rice & lisa hannigan – 9 crimes (song) 

ok, ya got me – this one came out in ’06… but in my defense i didn’t discover it till this year.  i remember giving rice’s ‘9’ album a cursory listen in a record store back when it came out and was getting all manner of buzz…. it just didn’t do anything to me that night.  i humbly admit i was wrong.  this song kills me.  this song just rattles me to my core.  it just might be my favorite song of the year.  “is that alright, yea.” 

amazing – johnette napolitano (song)

ok, this one really is my favorite for the year.  johnette has been a constant companion this year.  while the album it’s from (scarred) is f’ing brilliant, this single makes me remember why i love music.  it’s beautiful and violent and passionate all at the same time.  a lullaby (?!) to love – love in the real world with all it’s agony intact.  nothing is quite like johnette’s voice when she opens up and lets loose.  “angels among us, they’re not so far above us”

hold my hand – unkle (song)

hell wall of sound.  i loves me some wall of sound and since curve broke up and recoil’s latest is all blues and crap; unkle will have to fit the bill nicely.  which isn’t a slam at all.  ‘hold my hand’ is just bursting with power and noise and melody.  i love it.  and they got all buddhist and shit (hehehe) with their lyrics:  “are you really living / or do you seek loving / are you happy being / or do you search for meaning”.  if i could ever really do music, this is what i would like to do.

crazy – prince & shelby j (live track)

i wrote about this at length here, and here, so i won’t go on much more.  except to say, prince needs to release this funk (instead of his semi-interesting planet earth).  this is the shit & would blow radio and mtv away.

me’shell ndegeo’cello (live show)


prince with wendy (live show)

these were my favorite shows this year – meshell & co. were insanely tight – nearly boiling over they were so hot.   and then there was prince reuniting with wendy at the target center & first ave shows last.  dreams really do come true 🙂

ooh, another surprise – kate bush’s track for the golden compass isn’t here either… if only cause i refuse to buy the score in order to own it… i’m sure i’ll find it on ebay soon and can give it the real proper listens it deserves

2008 – expectations:

i’m looking forward to a couple of interesting things next year including:

  • the new madonna record (title tbd)
  • the debut of the gutter twins (aka greg dulli from twilight singers & mark lanegan from screaming trees)
  • big blue ball project from peter gabriel & karl wallinger (the first single ‘whole thing’ is excellent (additionally rumor has it pg will release a proper follow up to the killer ‘up’ – not holding breath)
  • seeing siouxsie in new york in february
  • the new goldfrapp disk ‘seventh tree’
  • new basement jaxx (title tbd)
  • new franz ferdinand (title tbd)
  • new ladytrone (title tbd)
  • new portishead – finally!!!!!  (title tbd)