when my mom and dad were married, we moved around a fair bit… after the divorce, we moved around a lot more – whenever the rent was raised, we would move… bounced all over the place.  when i entered 6th grade, mom decided i should have some semblance of normalcy (i guess 5 different schools in 5 years may have been a bit much)…. so we stuck to columbia heights, mn (not to say we didn’t move when the rent went up, we just stayed in the same city.

saturday morning while i was driving errands, i found myself in the heights and i took a trip down memory lane.  here’s a pic of 6th street in columbia heights, mn where i lived.


we (it was just mom and me) lived in two different places on 6th street… the first was a lil’ house we affectionately called the crackerbox (my bedroom was 11′ square) – it was teeny.  then we moved up the street 6 blocks and rented the second floor apt in a duplex.  that lasted about a year and then we moved back to the crackerbox when the landlord asked us back and finished the basement so i would have a proper room.  it was friggan awesome.  we stayed there till my 16th birthday when we moved into a house that my mom bought (still in the heights).  the first house she ever owned.  that too was friggan awesome.

awww memory lane….