on friday night me and a bunch of mates went to the walker art center’s annual showing of the british television advertising awards(this is year no. 5 for me; it’s become a downright holiday tradition).  the brit’s just seem to do advertising better than we do (truth be told, they seem to do an awful lot better than we do)… and this year was no different.  i’ve culled a couple of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.  here they are, the best of the best:

first up, the commercial for tango clear titled ‘bravo’; an obvious spoof on last years amazingly successful sony bravia commercial.  i rather like how this one ends tho’.  this one won in the ‘diploma’ category:

next up (still in the ‘diploma’ category) (and prob one of my two favorites) is an advert for guinness:

wanker! indeed.  not gonna say much about this one, want you to watch the whole way thru to find out what it’s for:

skipping right over the ‘bronze’ category, we arrive at ‘silver’ with xfm’s ‘roadies’ advert:

into the ‘gold’ category we have one for bbc radio 2.  seamless editing here:

and now the thinkbox award for the best television commercial of the year – i do quite like what they did… really beautifully done: sony bravia ‘paint’ (i do really love the random clown bit.. hehehehe)