the pantone color institute has announcedthat the official color for 2008 is #18-3943 tcx aka ‘blue iris’.  did you know the world had an official color?  yup, me either.  did you also know the color for 2007 was ‘chili pepper red’? 

people, this is information you need to know.  your world is better for it.

there’s also something called colorstrology.  according to the pantone colorstrology site, my color is violet quartz.  who knew? 


apparently, people also find me “easy to be around” and i have an “understanding of human nature that is both perceptive and compassionate” – which means all of you should spend more time paying attention to what i have to say.  i’m very perceptive damnit.  (by the way, cb is “coral gold” – sounds butch eh?).

so there you have it.  you can now safely plan your decorating for next year. 

like i said, this is very important stuff people.  pay attention.

in my haste to blog this last night i forgot the best part…  pantone spokeswoman leatrice eiseman had this to say about the choice for color of the year: “blue iris brings together the dependable aspects of blue, underscored by a strong, soul-searching purple cast.  emotionally, it ancoring and meditative with a touch of magic.” 

seriously.  i wonder if she said that with a straight face.

she went on to say this about the selection process: “with blue iris, we felt that it answered several needs, hopes, desires, that kind of thing.”

wow.  like i said – important stuff here.  i’ve always been looking for a stron blue color mixed with a purple cast that had just a hint of magic.  hogwart’s colors should be changed from red and gold, to blue and purple.