now i lost interest in tori amos somewhere around the boys for pele era – she just got a lil’ too esoteric (read; fuckin’ wierd) for me.  tho’, i will forever say little earthquakes is one of the most amazing records ever.

apparently on wednesday in san diego tori was doing a show where two trollops who had front row seats cept coming and going throughout the performance.  this did not suit tori none to well.  she interuppted the song “code red” and verbally bitch slapped the two proceeding to say “get the fuck out of my show! … it’s a privilege to sit in the front row and i reserve those seats for people who appreciate the music, get the fuck out!…”

i think i love her!  i hate people who have no interest in the show some people forked out major bucks.  ugg.  thank you tori for having’ a massive set of balls. 

to see the auspicious moment, fast forward to 2:25…. it’s freakin’ awesome!