i got bubkus.  



so you get this world premier (or least atomic pop! premier) viewing of the brand spankin’ new ‘indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull’ one sheet:


oh, and then there is this – some dolt has it in his mind to remake ‘metropolis’.  why in the world would anyone remake perfection (oh, yea, the gus van zant version of ‘psycho’ was so f’ing good [sarcasm intended], and then there was the 90’s version of ‘sabrina’ – both horrible shadow’s of their originals brilliance) is beyond me?  go here to read the gory details.  until then, bask in the glory of the originals one sheet.   oooh  ahhh:


uggg.  someone stop hollywood before it’s too late and they decide to remake ‘to kill a mockingbird’ with brad pitt and that annoying dakota fanning girl.