yup, cb called it – the storm ruined our plans for last night… which, while sucking greatly – i was completely spent by the time night got around and wasn’t up for much…

you may get a lovely scenic look at the snow fall on cb’s blog.  but on mine – this is what you get:


yup, that would be my beautiful car up on a lift minus his wheels…. he spent a lot of time up on that lift yesterday.

last year was my first winter with him and it was a minor winter as winter’s go in minneapolis – only a couple of snowstorms.  but oh did it suck when it did snow… i was all over the road.  horrible.  so i had every intention of getting new tires this fall… but then winter had to go and sneak up on me the heartless bitch. 

so began the ordeal to find new either all weather, or snow tires for my baby…  challenge is, mazda 3’s have an odd sized wheel which makes finding a dealer in the middle of a storm that has your size a bit of a challenge.  first up, the tires plus nearest my house.  no luck there.  they were nice enough to look at every tires plus in the city + call firestone and pep boys and some other outfit. 

fast forward to me sitting on a side street calling all over, finally finding a sears that had a rather expensive tire that would work – a sears that was 30 miles away.  took me an hour in the storm to get there (sliding all over the fucking place in the process).  drop my car off, i ask how long (naively thinking an hour or two max)…. “well, hmmm – at least 5-6 hours.  we’re kinda backed up you see”.  fuck.

thankfully (or not), my mom lives close by so she came and picked me up – then i had a good half-day of quality time with my mother (kill me now).  dropped the car off at noon.  did not get on the road until 7:05pm.  where i then had to drive back to minneapolis (still in storm), but on my fancy new tires that grip the road like george bush gripping onto condi rice as he gives it to her hard – the storm was no concern!

fuck.  what a day.  by the time i got home (had to feed parker who hadn’t had any food all day…ug), it was 8 and i was spent.  no quality time with cb… (rumor has it, jim got some quality time with him tho’ hehehehehe)….

spent the night eating left over pizza and watching jason staham in “crank”.  what a horrible movie, but he’s so f’ing hot, i didn’t notice the plot at all.

ooh, almost forgot the one bright spot in my day.  open arms of minnesota (an incredible meals on wheels charity for hiv/aids (and other diseases) works with another amazing organization in africa called monkey biz.  monkey biz is a non-profit in south africa that works with women (many of who are hiv+) in providing them a fair wage for creating amazing beaded works of art.  open arms has had an annual sale of the bead work for the last few years on world aids day.  people line up early for a chance to get one or two pieces – it’s quite the shindig.  i’ve gone the last couple years and always get a couple of christmas prezzies for folks as well as a piece for my collection.  all of the money raised goes to support the amazing work open arms does in the hiv/aids community (both here and in africa, they do work there as well).

i was super stoked that i was able to get a highly coveted lion yesterday.  they don’t make many – how awesome is he:



a close up of his cool-as-hell mane


each piece is hand “signed” by the artist – in the lion’s case, sipthwo kaya created him.

here he is with the rest of my collection.  i haven’t quite landed on how to best display them – i’ve tried a number of things…. currently they’re watching over my dining room:


so glad to be home on a wintery weekend. 

music heard during the writing: the creatures / instrumental version of their album hai