rg, get your head out of the gutter – i mean a legit movie theater, not an adult theater.

saw two more flicks this weekend (i love a good movie weekend)… control & american gangster.  there’s just something about getting lost in another world (or 2) whilst in a movie theater.  nothin’ quite like it.


control of course, is about the rise and fall of ian curtis of the band joy division.  long time readers may remember that i love me some joy division/new order and as such – shouldn’t be shocked that i needed to see this movie.

the film is stark.  much like joy division’s music.  filmed in monochrome (beautifully filmed actually) – the film doesn’t really make excuses for ian’s behaviour, nor does it applaud his more cad-esqu actions.  it simply portrays him as a man caught up in his situation.  add epilepsy and manic depression to a situation he can’t seem to quite extricate himself from and you get the recipe for disaster.

sam riley makes his film debut here as the doomed curtis.  this is a great performance.  he completely nails ian’s look/mannerisms/actions.  it’s really something to behold – seems that he was completely lost in curtis.  this guy should be interesting to watch as he grows as an actor.  more interesting is samantha morton’s turn as debbie, ian’s wife.  morton never ceases to amaze and she gives a beautifully understated performance here.

control is a flawed movie (i would have like a bit more exploration into curtis’ demons) – but on the whole, it’s a striking snapshot about a band on the cusp, and a man at his end. 

right after i saw control, i was off to a different theater to catch american gangster.


i will admit, my main reason for seeing ag, was russell crowe – you know me, i loves me some russell (prob more than jd/no), and he certainly doesn’t fail me in ag.  but what surprised me was denzel.  let me be clear, i’m not a denzel washington fan.  i usually find him quite trying – but i gotta give credit when it’s due – i loved him in this movie. 

of course, i shouldn’t be surprised, the man can act – and certainly you knew you were in for a good ride with these two a-lister’s chewing the scenery.  but what did surprise me was the depth of character drawn here…. things are not as black and white as the world would have you believe…. there are just shades of grey of course.  ridley scott expertly directs the film and lets his lead actors just fuckin’ go at it….  good vs. bad vs. grey.  wow! 

it’s quite a sight. 

unrelated to the movie’s – here’s a pretty flower i bought for my apartment tonight.. (apparently after all the deep/heavy/dark film, i needed a little beauty in my life):



(p.s., i had a whole other post about vetern’s day ready to go – but i just couldn’t go there today – i’ll post it soon)