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not sure who has more (ill-advised) time on his hands – the people who made this video, or me for finding it.

ugg – i need a life.



i doubt this is a real billboard – at least, not a real one in the united states, but just the same, brilliant 🙂 

i can not wait to get one of these cars (‘cept mine would be yellow where the gold is and black where the white is).

greetings & salutations – sorry for the lack of posts lately; was on the road and had literally no access to the internet (gasp!) –

lots  of things happening lately and soon i might share something big, but in the meantime, can i just say how fucking much i love having a musical twin in london?  my colleague ian is from the united kingdom and whenever he comes over for a show he tends to bring me prezzies… and this last weekend in dc was no different.

ian and i share a love for all things siouxsie and he brought me the 12″ vinyl of la sioux’s recent into a swan – with two mixes unreleased on cd.  can you say i geeked out at the prospect of new siouxsie?

there was just one challenge tho’ – i haven’t had a turn table for a while (having got rid of much of my vinyl collection years ago). 

::sigh – what the fuck to do?::

well, the obvious answer is to go and be a good american (i was in dc at the time, afterall) and spend valuable money on a vinyl-to-mp3 converter turntable.


(uploading prince & the revolutions ‘love or money – extended version’)

yes, my friends, i’m completely enraptured by old 12″ extended versions by prince, kate bush, siouxsie and more (for example, the divine jill jones rarity – ‘bald man’; my theme song).

so i’m completely giddy happy listening to rare tracks that i haven’t heard in years. 


rushed home from dc just in time to see the sublime johnette napolitano play the entry in minneapolis.  makes me happy.


(sorry johnette, i know you hate it when people take your pic, and you want us all “in the moment”, but it was such a great moment, i couldn’t resist taking a souvenir)

unrelated pt 2:

last night cb came over to watch heroes and i entertained him a bit by showing him an instructional dvd on how to give a guy a brazillian wax.  go here to read the salicious details (he sum’s it up better than i could).

unrelated pt 3:


(don’t try to understand – this is for one person, and one person only)

most of my inspiration as of late is at the office.

and now that i’m blocked i have no idea what the hell to say when i’m at home… ugg… i’ve got to write down notes when i’m at work.

unreleated, i got a wonderful pic from a fellow blogger (on the blogroll) showing me his ass.  wow.  i guess working out and eating right pays off – quite the butt!

lots of stuff rumbling through my head – haven’t figured out how to get it all out and post here, so until i do – here’s my favorite piece of music from the past couple of  months in video form.  it also has one of the greatest lyrics of recent times..

the video is freshly released…brand spankin’ new music for your tuesday.

unkle, hold my hand:

i really love this video…. beautiful.  and haunting.  

watch the whole thing.  i love the ending.


bad tattoo, no cookie for you!

not a video perse.more a commercial.regardless.brilliant.

meshell ndegeocello.  the world has made me the man of my dreams.

“After getting her jazz rocks off with 2005’s The Spirit Music Jamia, Ndegeocello returns to her genre-bending roots. With her eye on global events and her heart gnawed at by mixed emotions, the mellifluous-voiced bassist coasts from punk rock to orchestral ballads to seductive grooves. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, saxophonist Oliver Lake, and Malian singer Oumou Sangare lend their talents, while Ndegeocello’s dreamy vocal styles buttress this boudoir-friendly work.” (Grade: A) — Margeaux Watson, Entertainment Weekly, 9/28/07.




i bet her mother is quite, quite proud of her…


ok, i’m off to cincinnatti.  wish me luck.

ok, not that i’m a stud or anything – but i sure as fuck like my new glassess.  they are from the all-american classic company ray ban (i’ve always been a big fan of ray ban’s, they’re just so iconic, way back from the risky business days – my face could never pull off that style tho’).   they’re super modern, with a nice metal detail. 

check ’em out:





just a quick post to wish my future husband a happy birthday!


liev schreiber – birthday boy!  come here and let me give you your b’day spanking! 🙂

i fell for him way back when he co-stared with parker posey in party girl.  the man positively smolders.  his move behind the camera means i get to drool less and less about him, but i’ll always have party girl.

oh, and i’m about to go plop down too much money on a new pair of eye glasses… i positively hate shopping for glasses – it means i spend way too much time staring at myself in the mirror. 

wish me luck.



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