day one – over.  i’m backstage waiting for the show to start – in a lull.  i like lull’s.

day one – a smashing success… word is it’s the best show we’ve ever done (including the small fact during the show we had a false fire alarm).

problem is we’ve set the bar very high for future events.  the technical aspect of this show is massive – we had over 190 technical queues yesterday, and about a hundred today.  average show is an 100, give or take.

this theater is stunning – tho’ so not set up for a hair show… here’s a shot of part of the built in lighting rig.  i love this shot: 


here’s a rare shot of me posing with one of our models.  for those of you top model fanatics, it’s janet – kicked off in last weeks episode:


 more when i’m home in minneapolis tomorrow.