fall is officially here in the twin cities and i couldn’t be happier.  fall is, without a doubt – my single favorite time of year.  there’s something so amazing, so comforting about this particular change of season.  i love the smell in the air (crisp, yet warm), the sound the leaves make as you walk through them and the way all the color’s get just a bit more bold. 

of course with fall comes the inevitable change to winter.  but, given global warming, winter ain’t what it used to be in minnesota. 



thanks to everyone who voted in the first ever atomic pop! poll regarding if i should spend 99 of my hard earned pennies in buying the tune ‘gimme more’ by brit brit.  as i was about to press the button “buy song” scoot swooped down and gave me a copy of the tune.  yes, jason, i realize i chastised you for getting tunes that way, but brit brit doesn’t need the moolah, siouxsie does!  i am completely addicted to this damn song.  ugg.



last night, cb came over to get caught up on ‘heroes’ and hang out a bit – i made a killer (or at least i think so) sausage and peppers dish for dinner and on cb’s suggestion, we tried the above.  can i just say whoever decided to make a yellow cake flavored ice cream should be canonized… this ice cream is flipping white trash all the way – and oh so fucking good.  (p.s., make sure to link on over to cb’s site for his most excellent take on the family circus comic strip).


so friday i’m off for a quickie hair show in cincinnatti (ooh, don’t be jealous).  the fun part?  i get to see jason.  i’m super excited to have dinner with him friday night after model call (if he’s really nice, i might just get him a ticket to see the show on sunday too!).


and lastly, i present rocco dispirito for no other reason than i’m completely in love with this man.  dead.  fucking.  sexy.