i need – and expect all of my loyal readers to weigh in on this subject… i need ya’ll’s help (if i could figure out how to make the poll thing work, i’d make you do it that way) – instead, please just respond in comments… (really!  may fate is up to you)

here’s the question of our time…:

do i download britney’s single ‘gimme more’ from itunes?

seriously – i’m so on the fence on this one…

on the plus side:

  • the ‘hook’ is killer
  • nice production
  • good to have a piece of pop fluff every now and then.

on the negative:

  • it’s trash
  • it’s britney (bitch)

what to do?  it’s not that i’m a huge britney fan (i’m not really), but the pull of this train-wreck is undeniable.  + i’m kinda really rooting for her to get her shit together.  she’s just such a disaster.  the single is the #1 track on itunes right now. 

tell me what to do – i’m so on the fence