in a manner of speaking, i live in hotels.  i’m in them a lot.  more than a lot.  as such, i eat a lot of hotel food.  a lot of room service.   a lot of crap.

well, at the ritz carlton dallas they’ve done something impossible.  create amazing / tasty / delicious food for room service.  it’s unheard of really.  (note, i’m not talking about celebrity chef restaurants in hotels; they usually have nothing to do with banquet/room service food).

in the past 2 days i’ve had some amazing meals.  but the one that stands out is the simplest and for the first time ever, i asked a chef for the recipe.

spiced chicken quesadilla with mango. 

how f’ing amazing does that sound?

yea, it’s just a quesadilla, but there something about the spiced chicken mixed with the mango and a heavenly mix of peppers.  i’ve actually ordered it twice.

i can’t wait to make this at home.