… also known as the city that stole my beloved north stars.  f’ing bastards.

so, i sat on the tarmac for an hour last night in detroit en-route to dallas for sales meeting no. 3 of 5.  being sealed in a flying disease tube and forced to sit on the tarmac next to some middle aged woman who wanted to bond with me over our mutual love of tattoos (it’s important to note she had 1.  just one, the size of a pea, on her big toe).  said woman was oblivious to the headphones stuck in my ear and proceeded to grab my arm whenever she wanted me to hear something.

it was the perfect end to a weird weekend in detroit.  the show went off well (part of the stage fell down at one part – that was fun!  sometimes i miss the action of being the stage manager (i was directing the show from out front and was really quite helpless to fix the falling drape) – but at the end of the day the audience really seemed to love the show… the evaluations were off the hook!  yay me!!

as i mentioned in my previous post, the radisson detroit-livonia is ghetto.  i’m not in the sumptuous ritz carlton dallas.





ritz carlton.

more later….