on sunday night my buddy scott and i had the chance to see an advance screening of the new russell crowe/christian bale movie 3:10 to yuma.  now, i’m not a western fan (tho’ i’m not, not a western fan) so i really went into this movie just out of my love of film (never mind my love of all things russell and christian), and i’ve got to say it was a pretty great flick.i’d never seen the original so i really just knew the basic’s of the plot – band of thieves, leader gets caught, down on his luck rancher hired to get the leader to the prison train.  that was about it.what i didn’t know was that i was in for a quiet, meditative piece about the nature of character and intention.  Never mind that i got to watch russell and christian chew up the scenery with their excellent performances, the real star of the film is the frame that puts everything together.  did it re-invent the genre?  naw.  will it be the biggest flick of the season – doubt that too… it’s just a beautiful film with great performances – check it out when it comes to your local mega-plex.unrelated – if you wanna see a slice of really hot man-candy <grin>, head over to atomic pop ink!