yup, it’s that time again – time for the mn state fair. 

one of two things will happen tomorrow when cb and i go to the fair.  1) i will leave feeling very full from eating the plethora of weird food on a stick options that make our state fair special.  or 2) i will be in jail after going on a mass killing spree (crowds tend to make me cranky – well, crankier than usual i should say).

some fun facts:

  • the fair is the largest in the nation (based on daily attendance numbers)
  • the first state fair was held in 1859 and has been held every year since with the exception of 5 (due to war’s, polio outbreaks and the worlds fair in chicago)
  • every year they sculpt a bust of “princess kay of the milky way” out of butter.  yes, butter.
  • vice president teddy roosevelt’s famous line “speak softly and carry a big stick” was first uttered at the fair on steptember 2, 1901.  four day’s later, he became president after william mckinley was assassinated.
  • at the fair you can get:
    • alligator on a stick
    • spaghetti and meatballs on a stick (very tasty, worth the long line if you ask me)
    • deep fried candy bar’s on a stick
    • black cherry flavored pickles on a stick
    • macaroni and cheese on a stick
    • deep fried chocolate chip cookies on a stick
    • sloppy joes on a stick
    • cheese on a stick
    • oriental lemon chicken on a stick
    • rocky road scones on a stick
    • batter dipped fried fruit on a stick
    • key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick
    • lamb on a stick
  • machinery hill (where the tractors are) rocks.  where else can you play on big equipment like it’s a life-sized tonka truck?
  • the haunted house is also one of my favorites – also worth the long line

hopefully i will make it out without killing anyone with some great pics – stay tuned.