i got the following email on my blackberry from my office earlier… one can only imagine the horror!


Please be advised that an employee was bitten multiple times by a squirrel last evening near the south entrance to the manufacturing facility as she was walking on the sidewalk.  The employee received a number of bites which required medical care at a hospital.  Animal control was unable to capture the squirrel last night and the Facility and Security Teams are currently attempting to locate the squirrel so that it may be captured.

The squirrel was observed as behaving abnormally by a number of employees last night after the incident and showed no fear of people.  Please be aware of any squirrels that you may come into contact with at the facility that approach you as the squirrel gave no warning.  The Child’s Garden has been advised of the incident and children will not be playing on the playground today.

Additional information on the status of the squirrel will be issued to employees when it becomes available.

Thank you,


a question comes to mind…  how would one know if a squirrel was behaving abnormally or not?  another question.  who are these employees who observed the offending squirrel?  how much time do they have on their hands?

maybe the rocket launcher gave it away?  watch out folk’s there’s a squirrel army on the rise!