wow – what a weekend…  this past weekend saw the start of my busiest time of year (as if i was just twiddling my thumbs before – i know, but i’m about to get insanely busy).

this weekend i supported my team at a training for our educators that flew into minneapolis to learn our fall/winter collection and now i’m about to board a flight to boston where i’m producing a sales meeting….

following that:

thursday i fly home and promptly ramp up for a hair show next weekend in minneapolis. 

monday, i fly to atlanta for another sales meeting.

then i’m home for a week – woo wee, time off.

the friday after labor day, i’m off to detroit for a hair show, then sunday after the show i’m off to baltimore for sales meeting #3. 

home on thursday, then friday – cleveland for a hair show.  directly after the show i’m off again to dallas for #4.

the following monday i’m off to san francisco for the final sales meeting.  then home for a full two weeks before i’m back out on the road to cincinnati for a show…. home for two weeks (and hammer’s wedding), then the final show of the season – miami. 

sshhees, i need a nap just typing that out.

in other news, cb moved to the twin cities last week.  i haven’t had much time to hang with him, but did help him shop for a new tv on friday.  always fun spending other people’s money.

and of course today is his first day at work at his new job in minneapolis, so if you have a minute, send him a note of encouragement here.

see ya’ll in boston!

p.s., i’m exceedingly disturbed that i like the new nickleback tune “rockstar”