after what proved to be an exceedingly long day at work (one of many for the next 6 weeks)  and fighting completely crappy traffic in minneapolis since my primary route fell into the mississippi river – i finally got home and anxiously went to get the mail thinking this was the day i’d get the new entertainment weekly (aka my bible) – did i get the new ew?  no.  i most certainly did not. 

i did however get a copy of the brand new undergear catalog!?

how did i get on that mailing list i wonder?

seriously, if the guys at undergear could see me the would know most certainly i’m not their target audience.  i mean, yea, i’m gay and everything – but i’m not one of those guys.

**warning – blatant stereotype ahead**

yes, i assume they make the magazine purely for euro-fags who live in boystown, the castro and chelsea* and have all the time in the world to go to the gym and then hit all the circuit parties. 

i mean, seriously.  look at this stuff: 




this model kills me – i mean seriously how cheesy is this guy – all rico suave:


and i don’t even know where to begin with this one… oh the hours that must have been spent shaving/waxing/epilading…:


now, with all that done and said – undergear is not without its redeeming qualities… i mean, how hot is this:


it’s like undergear porn.  if i were a 13 yr old with no access to the real thing (or the vhs equivilant), i’d so be all over this in a magazine!

*disclaimer; there are many many many hot guys in boystown, chelsea and the castro who wouldn’t be caught dead in that white number up above… thank god.