last night i had the opportunity to see an advance screening of the new movie produced and narrated by leonardo dicaprio – ‘the 11th hour’.  the company i work for is partnering with warner bros. independent the film’s distributor.  hence scoring some free passes!

the film is a documentary about the environmental state of the world.  not just about global warming, it also touches on pollution, water issues, population etc.  normally this type of movie would be right up my tree-hugger nature but i can’t quite recommend it.  at least not whole-heartedly. 

there is no question that the movie has interviews with some of the most brilliant minds alive today and that it’s talking about something of vital importance.  but my challenge comes with the complete lack of hope i was left with at the end of the film. it was just so terribly overwhelming.  i’m knee-deep in the eco-world as it is and i read about many of these issues every day and i care deeply that we as a collective human tribe figure out how to get out of the mess we’ve made for ourselves (and soon!).  i wonder how the causal viewer who doesn’t know much about the issues would fare?  i walked out feeling dejected and without hope. 

i don’t think that’s what the filmmakers were going after.

i will say that i was very impressed with the roster of speakers, including one of my favorite’s – david suzuki, who had this to say in the film (an interesting perspective):

“i realized we’ve framed the environmental problem the wrong way. there’s no environment “out there” for us to interact with. we are the environment, because we are the earth. for me, that began a whole shift in the way that i looked at the issues that confront us and the way we live on this planet.”   – david suzuki

there are some great bits in the film and i do think people should see it.  click on the poster above to be taken to the film’s website, or here’s the trailer, and keep you eye out for it in your neck of the woods – check it out if it sounds interesting.