5 confirmed dead.  8 confirmed missing (downgraded from 30).


we thought our company was safe from the tragedy (all corporate employees accounted for), but just today, i found out a student from our cosmetology school (our school is less than a mile away) died in the collapse.

take a moment to remember those that lost their lives:

julia blackhawk, 32 of savage, minnesota

patrick holmes, 36 of mounds view, minnesota

artemio trinidad-mena, 29 of minneapolis

sherry engebretsen, 60 or shoreview, minnesota

the name of the 5th person, a man, has not been released. 

still missing – sadiya sahal, five months pregnant and toting 2-year-old daughter hanah mohamed.

recovery efforts are being hampered due to fast-moving currents mixed with rebar and concrete debris.  according to local news; divers identified 5 submerged cars and searched 4 (no victims).  the 5th car was crushed beneath another car and was unable to be searched.

by this morning, 98 patients had been examined at 11 area hospitals.  27 remain hospitalized with 10 of those still in critical condition.

i’ve not personally seen the site yet but think i’m going to take a trip down early tomorrow morning.  i need to see the bridge.  i can’t even begin to comprehend that i was on it 30 minutes before it fell. 

words just really don’t come close.  they really don’t