ok, moving away from bridge related chaos (if only cause i need the mental break) i have splendid news regarding my favorite actress – parker posey.


parker is starring in the new fox show ‘the return of jezabel james’.  in jezabel she teams with amy sherman-palladino, the writer/creater/producer of one of my favorite guilty pleasures; ‘the gilmore girls’.  this news makes me seriously elated (combine that with the newsthat my-future-husband nathan fillion appearing on desperate housewives and i’m gonna need a serious moment!).

from the ny daily news:

“Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted Parker Posey so badly for her new show, “The Return of Jezebel James,” that she hopped on a plane to persuade the indie film star in person to take the gig.

“A lot of people who are funny are not so good at acting,” Palladino recently told members of the Television Critics Association. “A lot of people who can act ain’t that funny. So you had to really find very, very, very special individuals.

“Parker’s name has always sort of been out in the ether as like the ‘Yeah, good luck, go ahead and try that,’ because she just hasn’t made that leap into television,'” Palladino added.

So she flew to Albuquerque, where Posey was shooting the film “The Eye,” and pitched her the concept.

The meeting worked.

Posey stars in the Fox sitcom as Sarah Tompkins, a children’s book publisher with a polished life. Lauren Ambrose co-stars as her sister, Coco, who’s more of a free spirit.

When Sarah learns she can’t have children, she hires her sister to carry her fetus for her.

“I read it from start to finish and I laughed, and I actually got really touched at the end,” said Posey. “I had never seen ‘Gilmore Girls.’ I didn’t know the genius behind Amy Sherman-Palladino, and then we met. It was like this feels really right.”

Lauren Ambrose, last seen on the HBO drama “Six Feet Under,” said she’s scared of comedy, but added, “I like to do the things that scare me.”

Palladino, who with her husband, Daniel, produced “Gilmore Girls” until its penultimate season, has instilled similar touches in “Jezebel James.” Viewers can expect a “Gilmore”-like “chicks talking to each other” format, she said.

“I happen to be – I don’t know if you’ve noticed – a woman,” said Palladino. “I think that there’s not always the best parts on television for women. And I feel like, maybe if you can throw a couple of great woman parts out there, why not?”