can i just say, i love it when a plan comes together.  fuckin’ love it!

so my show in san francisco was a pretty big deal. 

a) it was the largest show of this type we’ve ever done. 

b) my boss was there to support me.

c) her boss was also there.

d) this was the most high profile show i’ve directed (and the first where my boss and her boss were there to witness it).

all i can say is i hit the ball out of the court.  i’m on cloud nine.  the show went off brilliantly.  all of the long hours were so worth it.

tomorrow is workshop day (where the attendees can pay extra money to take a class by one of the artists that were on stage)… if that goes well, then i’m golden.

outstanding night (plus i made it to virgin and got some more new music…. nothin’ better).