that’s all i gotta say.  (well, not really – after all, it’s me talkin’).

so i’m in san francisco (god i forgot how much i love this city)….

model prep was today (wen’t verywell – so well in fact…:) i got early enough to jump in a cab and head down to amoeba records.

i found a number of treasure (one of which i didn’t even know existed)…

the first up

2 many dj’s / radio soulwax live; get yer yo yo’s out


secondly; the “curated” box set: new order / retro (possibly one of my favorite album covers of all time)


and lastly, the brand-fuckin’-new recoil album subhuman (ray, pay attention!).  i knew this was coming, but had no idea it had been released.


i need to spend some time with my new treasures, i’m sure i’ll post about them more in the future.  off to a late dinner now.  oh, and of course, the virgin megastore is 2 blocks away from me… i’m sure i’ll spend some more cash there tomorrow.