hey all

so it’s day 2 on the red ribbon ride (the second largest bike ride for hiv/aids in the country – and the most financially successfull one!!) and i’m in lovely rochester minnesota.  it’s odd that i’ve found an internet connection, but have crap cell phone coverage. 

i’m the ceremonies and entertainment producer on the ride this year (second in this role) and the ride is going quite well.  i was a nervous wreck yesterday morning before opening ceremonies which is weird, as i normally don’t have butterflies before an event.  i think it’s because for the first time i concepted and produced a video piece for opening.  i’ve never done the video thing before (more truthfully, i’ve never concepted a piece before), but it went over very, very well (spontaneous applause a couple of times and a ton of heart-pulling and tears… [can’t.ever.beat.tears – the true test of a great ceremony]).

so tomorrow is a big night for us – we do a “friends & family” night of hiv/aids education.  i’m producing a large night of eduction and entertainment.  we also will be honoring and celebrating our executive director who is leaving the ride after 5 years.  wish me luck.

oh, and of course harry potter 7 comes out tomorrow… i’m sure i’ll be stoping at a target on the way to our next campsite!!