as i referenced a post or two back, i’ve been way ass-deep in the largest meeting we put on at my company for the past week –

rehearsals started last wednesday… load in on friday… awards celebration saturday night… mainstage and breakout sessions sunday and monday followed by ancillary meetings on tuesday.

i started to work on a post about what my day looks like on an event and will finish that up soon (i hope), but in the meantime, tomorrow morning i will be producing opening ceremonies for the red ribbon ride.  the ride will take me away for another 4 days.  not sure where i’ll be with internet access, but if i can, i’ll post.

oh, and if your a cb reader, keep reading his blog for some good news (it’s coming next monday – don’t pester him about it tho’!)

oh, and since i’m insanely f’ing busy – please note this is a harry potter free zone for the next week… no spilling the beans about book 7.

here’s a couple pics from this weekends sales meeting:


dancers from one of the interstitial moments during the awards


sheets of grass for table centerpieces


cool bell and bamboo centerpieces (being assembled)



our vp of sales suspended 50′ in the air during rehearsal (we were rehearsing his entrance for the meeting)


the theater with two video walls installed