it’s currently 7:45pm.  i’ve been at work since 6:30am and i easily have another 3-4 hours worth of work.  as such, it’s time for a mini-break.

i’m willfully and purposefully stealing this from the tomato diaries (my new favorite blog ever – she’s divine, check her out.  and i’ve decided it should be pronounced the tomato diaries… so much more upscale).

i’m a lil’ nervous about taking this quiz as my itunes are exceedingly esoteric and a bit weird… i’m gonna try not to cheat, but – well, fuck-it, you wouldn’t know if i cheated either way 🙂

if you take the test, please report back kindly.


if life indeed is a soundtrack, then what’s mine look like?

here’s how it works:

1. open your library (itunes, winamp, media player, ipod)

2. put it on shuffle

3. press play

4. for every question, type the song that’s playing

5. new question press the next button6. don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool


opening credits:

somebody’s baby – pat benetar

oh my… well on the one hand it says “baby” and this is my life story and i began as a baby, so you have that. but on the other hand, it’s a horribly depressing/dark tune. this does not bode well. “someone cared if he lived or died, someone held him in their arms when he cried, someone loved him, someone loved him” – it’s all so past tense isn’t it?

waking up:

texarkana – r.e.m.

“catch me if i fall” – i’d catch you mr. mills.

first day at school:

strollin’ – prince and the new power generation

we could rent some rollar skates – hellz ya! cheap skate baby.

falling in love:

come to jesus – mindy smith

well, some say that falling in love is like seeing the face of god, so we have that. but then again, i’m buddhist – well, if you substitute buddha for jesus, then yea, i can groove on that. and that whole “you have jesus standing at your bedside to keep you calm, safe away from harm” line… well who couldn’t use that when your falling in love?

breaking up:

cities in dust – siouxsie & the banshee’s

well, umm, breaking up does kinda feel like pompeii is exploding all around you doesn’t it? this fit’s nicely. especially that first break up.


hey fuck you – the beastie boys

my first prom was ok, but the second… well that was just weird and there was a moment where i may or may not have said something very familer to “hey, fuck you!” and i must remember “so put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself” – stunning dis!

life’s okay:

life can be so nice – prince & the revolution

what an amazingly hopeful tune (and i didn’t cheat to get it). and wendy & lisa’s harmonies make me smile, so ya, life can indeed be so nice.

mental breakdown:

seventeen – ladytron

ummm… if indeed, they only want you when your seventeen, then i’m in trouble and yes, it’d be time for a breakdown.


rise – alison moyet

two words: fuck ya! this is such a great driving tune. the tune that came on was the “live” version and don’t ya know, it was just on the other day when i was driving home… such a good steering wheel purcussion tune.


outlaw lover – traci lords

hmmm… firstly, yes – that traci lords. this does take me back to the mid-90’s and it kinda has that retro/futro sound… ok that’s it, that’s all i have – no way to make this flashback. i do love the part where she sings “a hell bent bitch, riding the night”.

getting back together:

every planet we reach is dead – gorillaz

i don’t really get back together with ex’s (even if i might want to ::sigh::), but this tune is not a strong harbinger of good things to come. “but god only knows it’s getting harder to see the sun coming through“. well now that settles it – sun usually equals hope. can’t argue with poetry. nope… oh and for the record – this tune is my top 5 of the last year or so… simply, devestatingly great.


why wait for heaven – wendy & lisa

umm, well considering i can’t legally get married down here (nevermind the no current options part either), i guess i will have to wait for heaven.

birth of a child:

half-life – duncan sheik

duncan kills me. musically, lyrically – just kills me. since i won’t have kids, not sure what to make of this. but, i do love the track. ’nuff said.

final battle:

feel – stereophonics

wow. this is such a dark tune… “where does it come from, where does it go, why does it kill you, painful & slow” i’m more of a fan of slow, painful battles of the intimate kind (rather than the bombastic matrix 2 variety), so i’m quite happy with this being the soundtrack to my final battle.

death scene:

sky blue – peter gabriel

i’m perfectly comfortable with this one. but only if the blind boys of alabama are singing the chorus over my death bed.

funeral song:

what do you know about love? – lloyd cole

well, umm, at my current rate (and considering i’m dead at this point), not a damn thing. god this is fucking depressing

end credits:

guilt is a useless emotion – new order

honest to god, i didn’t cheat to get this one. how great is that. firstly, the pounding beat, just what my end credits should be, and i really do believe that guilt is a useless emotion (that said, i’m the product of a disfunctional swede. guilt is an artform).