feast your eyes:

the brave one 


  • staring jodie fucking foster
  • directed by neil jordan
  • co-staring naveen andrews

how great does that flick look?!  can’t f’ing wait.

oh, and the reason i saw the trailer tonight, live free or die hard.  i gotta say, i thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  yea, it was bombastic and over-the-top – but, shit like this could seriously happen.  i have no doubt.  + i’ve always had a thing for bruce willis, even at his most haggard (such as this flick) there’s something undeniably sexy about the man.

oh, and can i just say maggie q is the bomb?  seriously this woman is hot as hell (and she can seriously kick bruce’s ass!).

first you feasted on the divine jodie foster, now give some love to maggie: