sam has a pretty funny post about leaving oneself random notes.  i do this all the time on my cell phone memo pad feature.  the bulk of these notes (just like sam’s) consist of cd’s i want to buy or movies i want to go see or books, etc…. reading sam’s post made me go back thru some of mine – here are some of the more interesting notes (i have no idea and really can’t explain why i thought it was so important to note these….):

  • quote over drinks in victoria b.c.: “he had an ass that could stop hunger”
  • justin, someone just came on your cat.  (i think this one is from a movie, but i can’t remember – anyone?)
  • quote: “research rule #1: never go to an undeveloped island without duct tape and a big knife.” – christopher moore’s author’s note from island of the sequined love nun.