…and the law won, duh.


it was bound to happen, this weekend i got a speeding ticket.  it was justified.  couldn’t argue it a bit.  still sucks tho’.  i’ll be the first to say that i’m a bit of a speeder (tho’ i’ll argue anyone’s point that i’m a bad driver – i’m actually quite good…defensive driver too), but it still sucks to get caught don’it? 

on the whole it was a good experience tho’ – the cop was respectful and even nice (tho’ not to cute, damn) – he even bumbed me down to the lower fine category.  nice.

other than that, work is ramping up huge, on top of that i started planning for the red ribbon ride in ernest this week + i’m leaving for a show in victoria british columbia on friday.  not much kyle time for sure.

on monday night i joined james and his friend bridget for the bravery show at the varsity theater in minneapolis.  i didn’t know much about the bravery, but it was a great show – and it was nice to see james for a bit.

as a tribute to stageright…stageleft (former blog for new readers), here are a couple of my world famous cell phone concert pics from the show (course, they’re more stage center but just deal).  i just loves me some highly saturated over-exposed photography: