ummm… for the record, i’m a pretty kick-ass guy.  even if life/the universe doesn’t always agree with that (fuckin’ life).

as such, if anyone is willing, there is a lovely website that specializes in selling direct-from-soundboard recordings of peter gabriel concerts.  these are non-edited, source master recordings of every peter gabriel concert for the past few years (including his current european tour).  in case you didn’t notice the link above, here it is again, and again.  oh, it’s important to note, each of these concert cd’s are only $30.  30 smackers.  30 washington’s.  cheap.

too make up for life/universe blunder’s of not always being good to me – it would be super-duper if you good folks would go out and purchase said peter gabriel recordings as a lovely little prezzie for me.  maybe all my readers could pool their moolah and buy the box set (the basic set would be fine, no need for the extravagent set).  receiving a cd or two would point out how wrong life/the universe is and restore the kick-assness of yours truly.

again, to recap; i’m a kick-ass guy –  life/universe doesn’t always agree (fuckin’ life/universe can get bent) – peter gabriel soundboard recordings – cheap!

go forth and purchase (if ya need my address, i can certainly help you with that! :))…