today marks the 20th anniversary of my all time favorite pet shop boys song; ‘it’s a sin’.


 from allmusic:

Starting with a bombastic series of orchestral stabs fading into a dramatic yet soothing combination of organ, wordless choirs, and random samples, “It’s a Sin” is the Pet Shop Boys at their most self-consciously theatrical and huge… …. “It’s a Sin” is strident and cutting through and through….There’s no questioning the cool outrage Tennant felt over his strict Catholic upbringing, though, which underpins the song. Samples from church services and Latin masses crop up throughout, even as Tennant sums up the hard balance of desire and guilt tormenting his character: “Father forgive me/I tried not to do it/Turned over a new leaf/Then tore right through it.”

 and how over the top is this?  brilliant i say!


my god i feel old.