well it’s back and another hour of my life will be sucked away weekly by watching the tasty top chef.

the first episode is over and it looks like it’s gonna be a fun season of cooking (tho’ not much drama… yet).  without a doubt, this show makes me wanna be a chef. there’s such an art to great cooking – tho’ i certainly don’t have the palette for it, afterall i’m happy with pizza rolls most days.

couple of the chef’s are awful cute too – but non can hold a candle to head judge tom colicchio’s  – he’s just about the sexiest thing on tv… sure he’s not chris evan’s hot, but he makes up for it with intellect, wit and that fuckin’ smart-ass grin.


unrelated, i’m super excited – friday night i’m having dinner with my good friend stacey at lurcat – a pretty great joint here in minneapolis.  i’m psyched for the good food + stacey and i haven’t hung out in like forever.  should be a great night.