these are things bouncing around in my consciousness today:

less than excited:  the new version of the classic transformer’s theme song (updated by mute math) is up on the band’s myspacepage.  it’s interesting.  not quite as exciting as i’d have hoped (kinda generally how i feel about the trailers for the film i’ve seen thus far – nothing to get to excited about).

super excited:today mark’s the 25th anniversary of the cult-classic film grease 2 starring the amazing michelle pfeiffer, the hunky maxwell caulfield and the atrocious adrian zmed.  there are two categories of people; those that love this movie (such as yours truly) and those that don’t.  those that don’t are just plain wrong. 

yes, the movie is flawed (like citizan kane is perfect – bah!), but it’s so bloody campy it’s near perfect in my view. 

in the word’s of the stunning stephanie zinone (pfeiffer) who hasn’t wanted to break into song and sing “i want a whole lot more than the boy next door. i want hell on wheels” at the top of their lungs?  i know i have! 

super duper excited: this photo:

is still fucking amazing.

marginally excited:  knocked up, the new film from the makers of the 40 year old virgin is a good flick, but could have certainly waited for the dvd… just sayin’.

that’s all folks