hi all.  long time no talk (well, in any substative way)…

been a little nuts at work as of late, but luckily the event i was planning for this coming wednesday was just pushed out until the fall so a bit of relief.

‘course, that doesn’t negate all the other stuff i’m working on/producing:

  • sales meeting for our global sales force in early july
  • ceremonies producer for the red ribbon ride
  • hair show in san francisco at the end of july
  • 5 regional sales meetings for our retail store division beginning in mid august and running through the end of september
  • our annual flagship hair show in minneapolis at the end of august
  • 5 more hair shows between september and october

i’m a busy little beaver arn’t i!?  i’m tired just looking at my to-do list.

other than that, things have been pretty good – james and i had a great weekend of hanging out, renting movies as well as seeing ‘knocked up‘ (good flick, more of a rental) and generally bumming around. 

more later…