did i watch pan’s labyrinth?  no.

did i watch the prestige?  no.

did i finish putting together my apartment & de-clutter/detoxify it?  no.

instead i went out and had a rip-roaring good time with james and a couple of his friends. 

first up we went to jetset for a drink or two, then onto the saloon – i’ve not been to the saloon in about 5 years, and oh my god do i feel old.  however, we had a blast just hanging out in the video bar and having a drink (or 8).  at one point james got so excited when a song came on he actually fell off his bar-stool.

as much as i’m a planner (hello! it’s my job for christ-sakes), and james is much more spur of the minute – it felt good to be spur of the minute last night.  i don’t do that nearly enough.

so then today is all about finishing my apartment detox.  it’s a little overwhelming right now, but it will feel so damn good when it’s done.

what a fuckin’ great day so far; waking up next to james – the sun is out, the replacements are playing on the ipod, parker’s running around like a mad kitty terrorizing the clutter. 

a good day 🙂

oh, and just cause i like to brag – check out the boy… ain’t he cute as shit?