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“shut your raggedy-ass up, and sit the fuck down!” – jackie brown

jackie brown, quentin tarantino’s flawed, yet brilliant follow up to pulp fiction is indeed the shit.  in fact, i find it a far better film to pulp fiction’s overly melodramatic multi-storied action.  word’s can’t really sum up how much i love this movie… i love it so much that i just sat through the edited for tv version (tarantino edited for tv?  that’s just wrong on so many levels) and i still dug it.

from the sublime pam grier in the title role, to the cameo’s that make this this movie (including micheal keaton’s atf agent, robert deniro’s doped out ex con & bridget fonda’s surfer girl).  can’t forget this is based on a elmore leonard book; one of these days i’m gonna read his shit – if it’s half as good on the page as it is on screen, it’ll be a great read.

if you’ve not seen this (or believed the hype that it wasn’t as good as pulp fiction), i urge you to take a second look – and if you have seen it, it’s time to revisit it baby. 

“This is the movie that proves Tarantino is the real thing, and not just a two-film wonder boy. It’s not a retread of “Reservoir Dogs” or “Pulp Fiction,” but a new film in a new style, and it evokes the particular magic of Elmore Leonard–who elevates the crime novel to a form of sociological comedy. There is a scene here that involves the ex-con Louis (Robert De Niro) and Ordell’s druggie mistress (Bridget Fonda) discussing a photograph pinned to the wall, and it’s so perfectly written, timed and played that I applauded it.” – roger ebert

it’s been a weird saturday for me… james and i had an odd conversation last night that just makes me wonder a bit where he’s at.  everything’s fine and we had a great talk today, but all-in-all, it’s a hard place for me to be in when i don’t know what’s what. 

it’s going to prove to be a brilliant buddhist experiment for me to just let go and let this unfold naturally, organically and to let it just “be”. 

i’m supposed to go to a party tonight, but i’m just not feeling it.  instead, i’m going to do a bit of physical spring cleaning and start to detoxify my surroundings.  it’s amazing how much crap one can accumulate.  it’s time to get rid of the shit i don’t use on a consistent basis.

after all, you can’t really find peace when your surroundings are packed to the gill and, metaphorically speaking, threatening to rain down and trip you up right?

picked up pan’s labryinth the other day – if i get my apartment into some semblance of order tonight, i may kick back and get lost in del toro’s masterpiece.  and i still have the prestige to watch… mmm double feature on the couch?  would be better if james was here, but still ain’t half bad.